MovePlay Controller does not collect any personal information, nor does it send any information to third parties.

MovePlay Controller generates a random, fully impersonal, instance ID and a few technical parameters and sends it along with the Google Play Integrity App checksum to the MovePlay server for checking the App integrity, purchase validations and troubleshooting. This information does not contain neither it reveals any personal data or device information and it is never sent to any third parties. Only an opaque Google Play App checksum is used by Google Play Integrity for the app validation.

MovePlay Controller uses a few device inputs without storing or sending retrieved information, neither locally nor remotely.

MovePlay Controller uses your device’s camera to capture video streams for detecting human body poses. Both the video frames and the detected poses are discarded as soon as they are converted into virtual Game Controller commands.

MovePlay Controller can also use your microphone for voice command recognition. The captured audio streams are not used for any other purposes, nor are they stored in any way.

When using MovePlay Controller, you will be asked about granting the permission for using your device location. This is necessary to use your device’s Bluetooth connections. The location information is not used by MovePlay Controller itself in any way.

The user is himself fully responsible for respecting other people's privacy when using MovePlay Controller as a virtual Game Controller or Mouse for controlling games or other software.

If the user wants to delete all locally stored settings, then he needs to uninstall MovePlay Controller.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on August 18, 2023. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time. It will be presented to the user in MovePlay Controller when it is modified.